• Ezitech : Simplifying communications.

  • Ezitech : For all your traditional AV requirements.

  • Ezitech : Provides customised visual display solutions.

  • Ezitech : Know which solution is right for you

  • IPTV : Use only approved relaible products.

  • Cost Effective Solutions : Select only the components you need us to supply your business.


What We Do ?

Ezitech provides effective communications solutions. Our strong technology and creative knowledge allows us to provide end to end solutions for our clients. To date we have supplied communications solutions that have incorporated digital signage, telephony, networking, video conferencing, webcasting, media creation, IP based TV, video walls, outdoor displays and application development. If you need to visually communicate a message then we have a solution for you. more


What Differentiates Us ?

Ezitech is also able to deliver an end to end solution - from the physical IP network, to the technologies that will run on the network, and on to providing the media content itself. Traditional audio visual (AV) providers lack the IT skills and the creative ability to provide rich media content as part of their offering, and hence they become more focussed on selling you a product as opposed to a complete solution.

Ezitech's business model is very different - we listen to your requirements and provide a solution that may or may not have a product focus. The solution to your challenge may simply require defining a new communications strategy, creating new media material or helping with a social media plan. However,if your solution does require products then we have the skills and products to deliver. Below is a brief outline of the typical solutions Ezitech provides :


Cloud Based Digital Signage.

cloud based digital signage

Latest technology trends have allowed for internet based digital signage services. No need to buy a server licence and expensive server hardware - just pay a monthly opex for a media player licence - no additional costs.more


Traditional Digital Signage.

traditional digital signage

Ezitech supplies and works with market leading digital signage solutions. Having worked with more than 7 different leading signage products, implementing and/or supporting more than 250 endpoints, Ezitech has the experience and knowledge to provide the right solution.more


Telephony and Video Conferencing.

visual displays

Voice and video communications are integrated nowadays - one server is capable of providing both functions, allowing for seamless voice and video interoperability.



Audio Visual Collaboration.

visual displays

From video conferencing to providing wireless presentation solutions in meeting rooms. This is the more traditional AV space of room control and collaboration.more


IPTV and Hospitality Solution.

visual displays

It is key to work with the right technology partner when looking at IPTV and hospitality related solutions. Ease of guest use is key, as well as all compliance requirements for broadcasting satellite channelsmore


Visual Display Solutions.

visual displays

Ezitech has over 10 years experience in working with a wide variety of small and large scale visual display solutions, both indoor and outdoormore


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